Here we would like to thank all our collaborators, specially those from medical domain, who have been helping us till date informally to take the activity up to this stage. Notable among them are the collaborators of an IIT Kharagpur Mega Initiative, Signals & Systems for Life Science.

Presented below some of the names in alphabetical order with affiliations, who have been of help to Domain / Theme Coordinators in certain stages of the documentation process.

Name Affiliation
G V Subrahmanyam Managing Director, Panacea
M S Valli Executive Director, Panacea
Partha Sarathi Bhattacharya Consultant Pulmonologist, Institute of Pulmocare & Research
Sanjay Bharadwaj Chief Architect, Skanray
Siraj Bagwan Managing Director, IndioLabs
Sunil Kumar Sr. Vice President, Strategy and Planning, Narayana Health
Suresh Kuppuswamy Head, Mass Wellness, Skanray
Vishwaprasad Alva Managing Director, Skanray