Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I get occasionally confused between terminologies.   What is domain?   What is Theme?
A. Domains are broad areas like Healthcare, Computer Science & ICT, Energy etc. There are 10 such domains under IMPRINT (Link). Themes are sub-areas under a domain. The Healthcare domain is divided into 15 themes like Health Literacy and Healthy Living, Prevention Primary and Community Healthcare, Diagnostic Imaging etc. (Link).
Q. Themes themselves appear to be quite broad. Are they further subdivided for the purpose of this road map building exercise?
A. Yes, they are being further divided. There are teams formed for each of the 15 themes in Healthcare domain which are jointly coordinated (Link). Each of this team is coming up with important topics around a particular theme that are to be pursued as a part of this road map building exercise. We expect to get an initial list of topics by Sept. 30, 2015 for which a template (Link) is circulated.
Q. Can a topic be part of more than one theme? Do team members of different themes need to consult each other to include that in one and exclude in another?
A. A topic can be part of more than one theme as certain amount of overlap for some topics can be there. Each team around a theme is to list topics that are of interest in a particular theme and work independently at theme level. Consolidation, merger, de-merger will be done at domain level later. There will be overlap across domains too which is to be considered later e.g. Healthcare itself could be a theme in domains like, Computer Science & ICT, Nanotechnology etc.
Q. I find in the template referred (Link) some challenges are to be identified. Does every topic have challenges, so as to say?
A. Something becomes a topic if there are issues/ challenges associated with it. Else, we ignore it. Take for example, the sex determination test of a fetus. It is a routine activity in a country like USA. But it is a big issue here and there are efforts to get technology based and other kind of solutions. If it is a topic to be pursued as a part of healthcare road map, it must be having its own challenges.
Q. I find that there is an effort to list the existing academic activities and R &D infrastructure as a part of this healthcare road map. How is that going to help?
A. It is important for us know where we are now, to decide where to go and how to go – the quantum of effort required, and the direction of this effort. The goal of this exercise is to identify the needs of the country in terms its research and technology requirements so as to enable proper planning for manpower, research infrastructure and resources.
Q. There is a reference to short, medium, long term target setting in the template. Can you clarify this?
A. It is an attempt to link challenges listed before to certain achievable targets within a time frame. Depending on priority and preparedness we can put them in three baskets – short (<5 Years), medium (5-10 years), long (>10 years). Since it is related to academic program and infrastructure which have their longer time cycles, the definition of terms here is different from how industries define short, medium, long term targets.
Q. There is a target date of Sept. 30, 2015. Is it possible to do an exhaustive cataloging of the topics, challenges, academic program, infrastructure, targets within this time period?
A. No. The team around each theme will come up by Sept. 30, 2015 with an initial list from their association of a particular topic or allied topics, facilities available in their own institute or institutes they visit for collaborative work / invited talk or to conduct BTech./ M.Tech./ PhD viva. It will be revised in time to come at multiple levels. We are at early days of this road map building exercise.
Q. I see that it is an MHRD led Pan-IIT, IISc initiative. There are others working in Healthcare domain. Do you have a plan to take input from them?
A. Certainly, yes. There are important stakeholders in Healthcare for us to get assistance from and all those inputs will be very significant. The initial activity itself has important input from our collaborators (Link). We are preparing a stakeholders matrix. We shall engage with all stakeholders in Healthcare domain once a base paper is ready at our end that has certain start up material on our idea and intent (Link).
Q. Is there anyway I can contribute to this activity? Can you suggest some references that can be useful?
A. You are most welcome. Please pick up appropriate sub-menu under ‘How to contribute’ (Link) and give your input. All inputs that help us in a significant manner will be acknowledged. We may request some of these contributors to dedicate more time for this activity, and become part of a particular team as say, associate member. We shall explore possible means for this in consonance with overall IMPRINT-India activities. Some references, not exhaustive, are suggested in Resources section (Link).