Inter-Ministerial Group Meeting

In reference to MHRD Memo, dated 04.11.2015 that initiates IMPRINT-India Project activities, a meeting was held on 14.12.2015 at the Conference Room of D/o Science & Technology, New Delhi to work out further details for implementing the research agenda of IMPRINT-INDIA program. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Secretary, D/o Science & Technology and was attended by representatives from Ministries of Urban Development, DeitY, Textiles, Road Transport, Health, Rural Development, Water Resources, Drinking Water &Sanitation, MNRE and M/o Power.Director IIT Kanpur and National Coordinator IMPRINT and Director IIT Kharagpur have participated and guided the discussions.

Secretary, DST emphasized the need for the research to be more outcome-oriented and in tune with the requirement of industries and line ministries. Following a brief presentation on the overall scope, mandate and deliverables of IMPRINT by the National Coordinator, the coordinators of each of the 10 domains presented the research themes which could be focused under this program.

Based on the presentations made by each Domain Group Coordinator and discussions that followed, it has been decided that the Department/Ministry noted against each Domain would hold a follow-up workshop with the coordination institution of that domain, Industry partners and selected experts to finalize 4-5 themes/ topics in each domain. For Healthcare domain, the host Ministry will be Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and participating Ministry /Dept. includes ICMR, AYUSH, Institute of Public Health, Dept of Biotechnology, Dept of Pharmaceuticals, M/O Drinking Water & Sanitation, DeitY.

The general principle recommended is as follows. For every domain there should be 4 to 5 themes where substantial basic/applied work is already done, and which can deliver needed technologies with focused research.The shortlisted areas shall satisfy the following: (i)Engineering challenges faced by the nation, (ii)Relevance to society’s demand and aspiration, (iii)Directed/translation research to develop viable technology, (iv)Connection with technology start up, technology transfer and   commercialization, (v)Create opportunities crowd sourcing and onus sharing, (vi)Overall aim: Inclusive Growth and  Self-reliance.