On balance funding

As per the MHRD circulated minutes dated 16-01-2017  to Heads of the institutions of PIs of apex committee approved projects (from video conferencing held on 04-01-2017)

Regarding the other (199*) projects, it was decided that:

All the institutions and PIs will approach interested industry partners, alumni associations, State Governments and their agencies for funding 50% cost (MHRD is committed to 50% funding for all these projects).

The Ministry will make further efforts at the Minister level for securing approvals of the Ministries involved as per MoU signed for balance 50% funding.

As and when a funding partner is found, the National Coordinator (IIT Kanpur) will release the funds for operationalizing the project from within the funds released by the Ministry.

The total cost of the project could be revised without altering the major thrust areas of the Project, in order to facilitate funding participation.

It would be clarified after due consultation with the Ministry of Company Affairs whether CSR funds can be used for funding IMPRINT research projects.

*Full funding is increased to 78 projects (more support from ICMR, Heavy Industries) from earlier 60 and this number stands at 259-78=181

The minutes also stated that wherever there are remarks for revision of the project, the revised Projects may be submitted to the National Coordinator within specified due date, as per email from IMPRINT central team.

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