Funding Update

Emails from IMPRINT Central Team are sent to Principal Investigators of all 30 proposals of this domain for which both MHRD funding of 50% and MoHFW funding of 50% (ICMR: 19 proposals, NHM-I: 11 proposals) have been assured,  subject to PIs adequately addressing DEC observations and review comments. For ICMR supported proposals, a clinician is suggested to be part of the investigating team. The email to PIs asked to expand the investigating team accordingly, if so required. ICMR in its recent communication has supported another 7 projects of other domains that address health related technology development. Domain wise, these numbers are – Nanotechnology Hardware: 1, Advanced Materials: 2, Information and Communication Technology: 4.

For the remaining 43 – 30 = 13 apex committee approved proposals of Healthcare domain, the approval of 50% MHRD funding is received. The proposals of this domain are also are requested to be considered at Ministries / Departments  like AYUSH, Drinking Water and Sanitation, Women and Child Development, DeitY, DBT, DST etc. and certain approvals may be come from them.  Updates on that will be shared in due course.  A DEC presentation on this is available here (Link). Additionally, PIs and higher offices at PIs’ institutes are welcome to arrange support for these 13 projects for the remaining 50% (outside Govt. Ministries / Dept.s which is being pursued by MHRD) for which IMPRINT Central Team is to be kept informed.

Proposal IDs of MHRD and NHM-I supported IMPRINT-Healthcare domain projects: 4352, 4404, 4550, 5163, 5400, 5653, 5968, 6000, 6695, 7075, 7814

Proposal IDs of MHRD and ICMR supported IMPRINT-Healthcare domain projects: 4129, 4204, 4429, 4511, 4560, 5334, 5344, 5917, 6013, 6060, 6264, 6537, 6714, 6803, 6849, 6966, 6999, 7781, 8058

The current list of 60 approved projects (to be updated soon) receiving full funding support in IMPRINT-India main website (Link) contains 18 proposals from Healthcare domain. Support received for additional 12 proposals of this domain has been communicated to respective PIs by IMPRINT Central Team.

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