Full Proposal Format and Guideline

Full proposal format and submission guideline are now available at IMPRINT-India webpage http://imprint-india.org/proposals/  (N.B. dated 28-06-2016: Please visit the webpage directly for latest update on format / guideline, if any. The updated version is reproduced below. Suggestion for improvement‘ that can help individual full-proposal preparation is mailed by national coordinating team to respective PIs.)

Guidelines & Tips for Final Proposal Submission

The guidelines and tips below are serially arranged as per the format of the final proposal for IMPRINT Call for Proposals Phase III evaluation given further below. The guidelines and tips are meant to help PIs plan and organize their submission precisely. The team may include PI, Co-PIs, partners, and collaborators who would directly be involved for the execution of the project and collectively own the responsibility.

Please note that your proposal must strictly adhere to the format including word/page limit and be submitted in a single pdf file with less than 8 MB file size. List of appendices may have an additional, up to 2 MB, of combined file size. Non compliance may disqualify your submission or cause inordinate delay.

  1. Title should succinctly represent the theme of the project.
  2. Abstract should capture the main objective, motivation, research plan, deliverables and novelty of the project.
  3. Objectives should highlight the main goals or aims of the project.
  4. Budget should conform to the declared guidelines.
  5. Current status should clearly bring out the back ground or genesis, motivation and open questions prevailing in the field, and thereby, justify the objectives and connect to the deliverables.
  6. Motivation and scope should justify the overall research plan and its focus.
  7. Methodology and research plan should elaborate and convince the reviewer that the proposed work is justified, pragmatically designed and contains enough promise of success and delivery of a feasible and scalable technology.
  8. Justification and novelty should provide convincing argument in favor of the project and its approach to the reviewers.
  9. Benchmark, milestones and time-frame should define the specifications of the product or technology being developed, identify major milestones or landmarks and provide suitable timeframe to achieve the proposed milestones and benchmark.
  10. Industry participation is not mandatory but is desirable and may convince the reviewers about feasibility of the project.
  11. Please provide a list of equipment, infrastructure and facilities that are available at host institutions, accessible to the team members and relevant to this project.
  12. Please provide any evidence that may convince the reviewers about the feasibility of technology development potential of your project.
  13. Please provide a list of potential users who may volunteer to use or test the product developed by you.
  14. For final outcome and deliverables, please provide a list that should justify your project as commensurate with the philosophy of IMPRINT (i.e. translation of knowledge into viable technology in the form of a product or process).
  15. Please suggest peers or domain experts who will be willing to review your project.
  16. Please cite references, used in the proposal, that provide justification or relevance of your project proposal.
  17. You may include up to 10 supplementary items (figure, table, photo, letter, certificate, field trial results or any other document) in support of any of the above items of your proposal.

Format for Final Proposal Submission

Final proposal submissions will be accepted online starting, 28 June 2016, till 10 July 2016.

Please carefully read the information provided below to submit the final proposal for IMPRINT Call for Proposals Phase III evaluation.


The proposal format is similar to the format for the preliminary proposal submission but not exactly the same.

Those fields that were included earlier in the preliminary proposal format you have to submit again.

However you do not have to submit the PI and Co-PI details again.

You cannot change the PI of the proposal or remove the Co PIs, but you can add new Co-PIs if you wish. The total number of PI and Co-PIs together should not exceed ten. (If any issue is faced on this, please contact domain coordinator. For Healthcare domain, please write to gsaha@ece.iitkgp.ernet.in )

The final proposal, in the format described below, has to be attached as a single pdf document (max. file size 8 MB). You are additionally allowed up to ten attachments, not counting the industry participation letter and the forwarding letter from the institute, with a combined file size, of the additional attachments, being less than 2MB.

Some of the information you include in the pdf file of the final proposal, you have to ALSO provide directly in the fields provided. Such information fields are the proposal abstract and the proposed budget related fields. Please remember to include the information in these fields in the pdf document of the proposal as well.

The proposal should adhere to the following format. Proposals that do not adhere to the format may not be reviewed. You have to make a declaration that you have adhered to the word limits to be able to submit the final proposal. You will also have to confirm that the proposal is submitted through PI from a CFTI (Centrally Funded Technical Institute) or a TEQIP (Technical Education Improvement Programme) granted institute.

Please include the following sections in the final proposal. In addition to the text, for fields not marked as “text only field”, you can add a reasonable number of images and tables.

  1. Title (text only field, max. 25 words); the existing title will show in the field and it can be overwritten
  2. Abstract (text only field, max. 150 words)
  3. Objectives (text only field, max. 100 words)
  4. Budget (year-wise) max. total budget Rs. 4 crores; the heads are: Equipment (less than 30% of the total excluding overhead), Manpower, Consumables, Contingency, Travel & Others and Institute Overhead (20% of the total or as per sponsoring Ministry’s norms)
  5. Current status (max. 600 words or two A4 size pages)
  6. Motivation and scope (max. 200 words)
  7. Methodology and research plan (max. 1500 words or five A4 size pages, including figures/charts/tables/images)
  8. Justification and novelty (max. 200 words)
  9. Benchmarks milestones and time frames (max. 300 words or one A4 size page, including table/chart)
  10. Nature and evidence of Industry participation (max. 100 words); you should also attach a letter from the industry evidencing the support
  11. Equipment, infrastructure and facilities available at the host organization(s) (max. 200 words)
  12. Evidence of technology developed (300 words or one A4 size page, evidences such as paper, patent, letter, certificate, photograph, may be included)
  13. Potential users (max. 100 words)
  14. Final outcome and deliverables (max. 200 words)
  15. Potential reviewers (up to 5) suggested by PI (please include name, designation, affiliation, verified mobile number and verified email id)
  16. References (used in proposal, max. 300 words or one A4 size page)
  17. You can add up to ten additional attachments, not counting the industry participation letter and the forwarding letter from the institute, with a combined file size less than 2MB
  18. Forwarding letter of the proposal from institute authority; this will be an attachment

We have sent emails with comments as feedback based on Phase II evaluation to Investigators for Correspondence for proposals accepted for Phase III evaluation from Healthcare, Information and Communications Technology and Manufacturing domains. If you do not find the mail in your inbox please check your spam filter. We will be sending feedback mails for other domains soon. We hope the feedback will help in preparing the final proposal for submission for IMPRINT Call for Proposals Phase III evaluation.

We will soon enable the submission of the final proposal for Phase III evaluation on this page http://imprint-india.org/proposals/.

For any queries please write to imprint@iitk.ac.in.

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