Wait will be over soon!

This is to assure all successful project investigators of Phase – II that IMPRINT Central Team is fully engaged and working hard to reach out to you and the wait will be over soon! The deadline of proposal submission is getting extended to July 10 from what was communicated before as July 05. Meanwhile, the investigators can start (if not started already) working on some of the general points that are usually part of a full proposal like this. Five such points are given below. Also, one can think of check-lists e.g. if the proposal is submitted through PI of a CFTI or TEQIP granted institute (as per project call), if it has forwarding letter of institute authority, a letter of support from industry if any (describing nature and quantum of support) etc. and be prepared to do the needful.

1. Current status(within 2 pages): What would be competing with this technology?  What would its alternative be?  What advantages would it have over competition/ alternatives? To the best of your knowledge, what is the prior art in this space (publications, patents, and patent disclosures)? How novel is your technology relative to the prior art? Would it have freedom to operate in the IP landscape? Is this is an extension of existing research or something totally new for your team.

2. Motivation and scope (<  100 words) : Give a background of the problem you seek to solve with this technology, citing statistics where applicable. Is this technology a new innovation or an improvement on a current solution? How large is the potential impact?

3. Methodology and research plan (2 – 5 pages) : Research Plan: What strategy/ experiments will you need to do to reach your goals? Provide a detailed research plan to meet the specified goals.

4.  Justification and novelty (<200 words)

5. Benchmark, milestones and time frame : List 3-4 specific and tangible milestones that you propose to achieve within the proposed time line of the grant and at the end of the project – code, prototype, data proving feasibility, etc.

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